If I was going to be honest…

I wouldn’t trade my husband for the world. He does not bring to the plate the many things I wanted in a man I wanted to marry. What he does bring though are things I didn’t even know existed.

I am grateful for everything that happened last year, the way it did. When I see the possible alternatives, I believe god was kind.

I don’t have the patience for fake people anymore. You may not be fake, but you haven’t given me reason to believe the contrary.

My friends disappoint me everyday in so many ways, but I wont let them go. I know they haven’t let me go in spite of similar feelings towards me.

I have a new found respect for my mother. She has shown strength, courage and character I can only hope to have some day.

The more people want to break me the stronger I become. It isn’t personal when they attack me, that is just the nature of the game we play.

Shrewd is my latest new trait. I continue to grow.




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8 responses to “If I was going to be honest…

  1. It’s not so good to be so bitter. You are just harming yourself in the process. Calm down,girl!


  2. tht’s sweet – a few of what you have listed has been my very own observations the past few days; Continue to grow !


  3. Honesty is always good and refreshing 🙂


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