I am hiding. This time from myself. I hate those I told you so moments. I have strived, but not been there in so long that I don’t know what it is like to be in a place you have always wanted to be. I am in a place I always wanted to be in. I have also come so far that I no longer can do things I should have done hmm let’s say 10 years ago. I feel pretty screwed right now. Pardon my French…

So I am hiding. Here of all the places. How can I not? 500 posts, 5,290 comments and 51,250 hits on this page later this is definitely a safe haven. Now that stress will mount will I find myself here more often.Perhaps. I know that is the state of mind when this blog prospered.I mean I posted regularly. Perhaps this blog will see me more often. For now I celebrate this milestone.

So I celebrate, knowing too well that I have so much more to do. In such little time. I don’t have a plan. All the plans I have made in the past have not panned out too well for me. So I know I have the potential to fail. That is familiar grounds. I am worried that I won’t know how to succeed? I dream. I dream big. Question is do I know how to live my dream.

Success is a state of mind I am beginning to realize. Success doesn’t come to you unless you believe in it. Only when you believe in it you do things that ensure you continue to succeed. Even when you stumble it is the right attitude that keeps you going. But if we have not really succeeded before, will we have the right attitude? Will we know what that attitude should be? That is something I fear.

Odd the kind of fears I have, some have said. I believe though it is the frame of mind and not just what you do that helps you achieve those milestones.



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4 responses to “Milestones..

  1. Mea culpa! I completely missed this! Congratulations! Your posts are safe and arriving on time on the feed. Of all the posts I missed, it had to be this one. Dang-it!


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