Getting there Part one!

Last year I was worried about the changes I was making in my life. There was that inertia precluding me from making that jump. There was that stagnation that was taking me no where. Part of it was denial of failure in past efforts, part of it was the lack of conviction.

A friend recently told me, stop being the passenger. You have finally got it. Now take charge of your life. I am going to do just that.Of course the intention is there, but somewhere deep down I fear that I am really not where I should be, mentally, in action and conviction. What I believe I will become. I need to trust that. Time to take that leap of faith (in myself).

I can finally put all that behind me now. My head is buzzing with excitement. There is so much to do, in such little time. I am going to start a new phase of my life. It has been almost 9 years in the making. Just keeping it real people. I am not going to be the person I have always been. I am going to become the person I have always wanted to be.


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