I finally have it. A title for when I just want to jot down some random thoughts. I have been looking for one for a long time. My struggle with titles is well known. I am going to use thought-pourri.

Sometimes you just want to write down all the things on your mind. Sometimes you are not even paying that much attention, but those thoughts affect your actions. There are times when I want to vocalize those thoughts. Sometimes words are tough to come by. Sometimes sentences are elusive, you can totally forget about  a whole post.

I have been following several blogs that will often share their random thoughts I do that too. but I didn’t have a title I could repeat. Not just a title, a theme.. well now I do.




Filed under A first, Blogging, Camaraderie, Communication, Life, Motivation, Thoughts

4 responses to “Thought-pourri!

  1. wow.. nice title! Why couldn’t I think of it..damn!! 🙂


  2. Nice idea!! Usually I just apologize for randomness, lol. A good title and then I wouldn’t have to explain myself so much!


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