Lost in translation

What we see, is not what it is. What we hear, was not said. What we believe is not always the truth.

Enough said if you know what I mean. For most part you don’t. You aren’t listening to what I have to say. You are hearing what you want to. I understand humanizing all our shortcomings, but when can we say enough is enough? How long can we explain the inaction by the excuse, “But I am only human”. Being exactly that should provide us with the insight and capability to be sensitive and sensible about the people around us. How little do we invest in the most expensive and indispensable commodity around us? Why don’t we make people a priority in our lives? Why don’t we take a moment.

Just a moment.

The unsaid words bother more than they hurt. What is not present cannot really hurt, but the mind seeks the alternative. What if the alternative was more hurtful. We wouldn’t know.

Analyzing may not be a virtuous trait in friendships. Lack of understanding is a complete failure. So why not, take a step back and really listen. I find that most people lie. Not because they don’t know any better, but because they feel obliged to maintain what they believe is the premise of the relationship.

Manipulations don’t take you very far. You will find yourself entangled in the web you create.

When did being yourself become so difficult. Stop the sham and talk to me, in a language I actually understand.


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