The problem with reality is that it is not one of anything. Reality has so many different truths to it. You never have to be wrong, without ever being right.

It is no fun being alone. In thought. No one knows what you are really thinking. Your fears, sorrows, insecurities, happiness are your own. What people see is what they believe about you. Sometimes they believe what they want to believe about you.

There is a reason they say little girls always want to marry their fathers. When the distance between a father and daughter increases they need some of that familiar anchorage to hang on to.

A little distance is a good thing. Information over load is ruining our relationships. There was so much we didn’t know about our friends. Yet it was easy to pick up the phone to say hello. Now we know without really knowing and the hellos are not being said anymore.

* Khamoshi-It means silence ..I think in the setting of a gathering or a crowd. I have used it based on the movie about this young girl who has a beautiful voice. She comes from a family of deaf and dumb parents. The struggle she faces with her own reality though not very deeply studied in the movie are pretty apparent.



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4 responses to “Khamoshi..

  1. over familiarity definitely breeds contempt


  2. well, hello! there – easy, no? šŸ™‚


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