Wake up and smell the coffee

After a very crappy performance on this blog I am not ready to let go. It has been more than 5 years since I started and not even 500 posts. There must be a reason to stay. I don’t feel stifled here. Simply put. I reached out to a friend recently. Someone I had let go a long time ago and while it was not an easy decision I did it anyway. After a few recent exchanges, I was hoping to find that friend again. I did. I believe therein lies the problem. Over a decade has passed and the years have not touched them. I am married to one of the nicest human beings in the world. Three years yesterday. After 3 years of being together I can think of 30 reasons why this marriage should not work. I know only of one, that will make us survive together. Our commitment to what we started. While that is a scary thought, I believe it makes the conviction stronger. A little bit of politics, a little tact, a little bit of personality and a lot of hard work. Even then there are no guarantees in life. Sometimes no matter what you have done or tried or how much you have put into it, it can all fall flat in your face. No one is ever prepared to deal with failure but one always has it in the back of their mind. Tough. Today is the first weekend where we get to relax after a long time. Today is when I will write my holiday cards. Today I will spend time with the love of my life and celebrate our years together. Today I will call my friends. Today I will complete one project. Today I will live a little life.Today I will smile. Today I am going to wake up and smell the coffee.



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7 responses to “Wake up and smell the coffee

  1. Hi there. Been a while… but be rest assured i have been following your blog ardently (in spite of the ‘crappy’ performance as you put it…) I will be touching 4 years of marriedom in March and so i can completely relate with what you have written here. I think for me, marriage just taught me one fundamental lesson in life…. that something called The Ideal doesn’t exist 🙂

    Keep writing.


  2. Mind in a mesh: Yes it has been long. Good to see/hear from you. You are right and you know what I am okay with all the imperfections. I think it makes like that much more interesting. You should keep writing too. Love to read.


  3. San

    And you should smile, you have a beautiful one too.

    Hope you continue to blog. Have an absolutely miraculous twenty-twelve.


  4. San: Thanks! I plan to. Fingers crossed for both of the above.

    Mind in a mesh: Got that. Thanks for letting me know.


  5. SA

    I guess I read this post earlier and really liked it..
    Saw it again in “You might like it list” … the word coffee got me here 🙂
    Again, well written and beautifully crafted..


  6. Thank you 🙂

    It is always a plus when someone stumbles upon one of my older posts. Reminds me of the place I was in and how far I have come. But also show cases the poorly written posts and gives me another chance to edit the mistakes. So thank you once more. 🙂


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