Should I tell them…

They have no idea what has hit them. I am not giving up this easy and neither are people around me.
They have deleted me before. Why do people add you back on networking sites when they have let you go once before.
I have nothing to do with you now. You had nothing to do with me then.
I am not your little girl. I want to be your daughter. I wish you can see the difference.
I have insecurities that I deal with everyday. I just chose not to make them my handicap.
I want to care, but you have made it impossible. I am not sure if I care enough.
I am still very unsure about love or my take on it. It really bothers me to see him unwell, in pain or worried. I am also glad I have someone in my life that I care so much about.
I am grateful for the picture they paint. I may never be able to be that vain, but their vanity transports me to a place I love to visit.
I am terrified at the thought of bearing a child. I believe I will make a good mom. I am just not ready yet.
I am happy. With or without.. I am just happy..:D



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4 responses to “Should I tell them…

  1. Wow. I wish I could be so honest too!


  2. Aayushi:
    It is easy. Give it a shot sometime. Love the photos on your blog btw…


  3. “I am not your little girl. I want to be your daughter. I wish you can see the difference.”

    I have no words. Spoke my mind beautifully, and expressed the sentiment perfectly. I love!


  4. Sunrise:
    Glad you do. 🙂


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