Broken- Originally posted Sept-26-2010

I have been enjoying reading my drafts. Some of them are a happy reminder of the days that passed by, some I seem to have no clue about. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t even know, if it was a happy post or a sad post.  I used to think I initiate  a post only when I felt some form of extreme emotion. Now that I am going through my drafts, I realize that is not entirely true.  Sometimes I just want to document what I was thinking then. No emotions, just thought.  I felt that was never possible. But I am learning quickly that is! It is also a very powerful tool, when wanting to be objective. Most definitely when we want to establish that impression. Any way, so the following text is a post from back then. I am not really sure who I am speaking to. I just am.

If you think it is going to get you through this, you are wrong. For a while it takes away the anxiety. Sometimes even the pressure. One day though, it is going to come back and haunt you.

Agreed facing fears is challenging.  The best part  however is that there is nothing to lose. Sometimes knowing what is worse at that point might be difficult.


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