Thoughts, decisions/learning/change….originally started in 10/2010

I suppose there are no short cuts in life. I believe we are always looking for them.  Life has a rude way of reminding you that you wont get where you need to be, unless you make the effort.  Most successful people in my life are hardworking and very passionate about what they do.

… My thoughts trailed off. I think I was struggling with the decisions I was being compelled to make. I think it was a time of reflection. I think I was staking stock of my decisions and wondering whether I would have been in a different situation in life had I done things differently.

Given the same circumstances, I don’t know if I would have done things differently. If  I knew then what I know now, I can only hope I would have made different choices. But I didn’t so I am at the point that I am on today.

Today I will make the choices that will shape my tomorrow. I hope I will make tomorrow better because of today.


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