For all those questions, I might be the answer.

For the entire time I have maintained this blog, I have tried to understand people. I am going to refrain from calling the subject matter the human brain, emotions, behavior, reactions. I am just going to call it people.

As we live, we come across innumerable people. They touch our lives, sometimes in ways we don’t even know. Just like we touch theirs. There is a reason our parents wish we become good people. I think it is their hope that we spread goodness around us, so we can reap some ourselves. I think they also know that hope wont last too long.

There is always a mix of good and bad. We don’t know what experiences will shapes us and makes us who we are. Sometimes we don’t even realize what those experiences are until we hear an echo from somebody else’s experience and we realize that there was a lesson to take home from our own.

There is always something to learn. There is always an opportunity to grow. There is always the power to do good. If only we knew we had it in ourselves.


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