That is what I said..

I never thought love would be enough. I wanted respect. I wanted regard. I wanted someone to know that I am and will always be my own person. I have a spirit that I wasn’t ready to let go. I have an attitude that I wouldn’t enjoy curbed, a personality that would not be easy to adjust to and loyalty that would compare to no other. I needed my partner to be man enough to let me be me, but know that I wanted a man in the house. This isn’t an easy balance. A lot of us don’t realize that until the boat changes direction and feels a little turbulence. The turbulence is a good thing I believe. It makes the changes real. I think the real deal is to see the direction the boat finally takes.

Some of us know exactly what we want. Almost all of us get what we really want. There is a reason it is said that we should be careful what we ask for. I find people don’t know what to do with what they get. Or how to interpret their own expectations. While the concepts are appeasing to most of us, do we really know what we are bargaining for. Are we ready to pay the cost. Everything comes at a cost. When we hope are we putting a cost analysis into our thoughts? Do we realize just like our actions our thoughts have consequences too.


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