On a single night out with the girls.

On friendships:

I want to believe that one day I will be a part of  a girlfriend’s  group that love to meet up for brunches. Over brunch we find the solution for world peace, understand the finer nuances of maintaining work life balance, enjoy our drinks and food, look absolutely stunning while doing it. But I don’t. I don’t even have a friend in this country that I can call at the drop of a hat, at the first sign of distress, or just because. That friend exists in another country on a very different schedule from mine.  So I make do with people I meet on the fly.  For most part I enjoy their company. A lot of times I do not connect with them. Most times, I wish they would stop trying to paint a pretty picture about themselves and just get real. Small talk never came easy, but I seem to be doing that more and more often. Sometimes I wonder where did all my friends go and why am I the “friend” I have become.

On pride and prejudice or lack thereof:

It is difficult to understand immigrant behavior. There is that wanting to fit in with the new and a desperate need to hang on to what was left behind. It is confusing, difficult, and depressing all at the same time. Sometimes for very different reasons. All that the immigrant feels and battles with an portrays, he can be misinterpreted. I realize that. I see that rampantly around me. Most times I let go, knowing only too well, that I fall in the same category. For most part though the only way I think one can survive not knowing where one really belongs, is by being proud of who we are where we come from and where we want to be.

On integrity:

No matter where we put the blame,  abuse is abuse. We always have a choice to fight it. With dignity.  No one should be allowed to violate us, on the pretext of good times, alcohol or a bhangra number. If we don’t think it is appropriate, say so. Letting someone do something to us, that makes us uncomfortable, makes us an enabler.  So speak up, fight the nonsense. Most times people back off.

What a fun night it was! 🙂



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4 responses to “On a single night out with the girls.

  1. I love what you said about integrity.


  2. Aayushi: I loved what I did about it too! Welcome to my blog.


  3. I will go with Ayushi here and add that it was a profound statement. Excuses always go right back to the same situation. As you said, I also liked what you did about it


  4. Satya: you don’t know what I did. 🙂


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