True religion

Let me start off by saying, I mean no offence to anybody, any faith and belief. This post are my own personal opinions and by no means meant to be derogatory.

Currently I live in a country where people follow their religious faith to the tee. One would think,  a western democratic country would be more open minded and accepting of religion and culture. I find the opposite is true here.

While studying in India/Nepal, I never once thought of calling a good review book my bible. I do not follow the bible, but I am aware of its religious significance. So calling a good book my bible was befitting. One would think. I have never been questioned, frowned upon. People I believe in India/Nepal were much more tolerant of the religious liberties people took around them.

I have been reprimanded for my casualness regarding religion. I realize that people take religion a lot  more seriously than I do. I am also sensitive to people’s beliefs. Even if I don’t share them. But I don’t think, there is a place to be anal about it. Or impose their beliefs of me. I think a little more tolerance would  make their own insecurities a little less obvious.

I am not surprised that such people exist. I think I am surprised by the location in which they do.  For that reason alone, I think this freedom we enjoy in our country is a lot more liberating and permissive of growth. Amen!



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6 responses to “True religion

  1. Aunt Melanie

    I think the words “offfence” and “insecurities” are the key words. It is very easy to offend the insecure. I have been doing some similar writing which I will post within a week’s time. I look forward to returning to your blog and reading your Archives.


  2. Hello Aunt Melanie:
    It is interesting that though these are my words it is you, who put them in that perspective. I agree with you whole heartedly. I do not write on religion, just my thoughts on various day to day issues. You are welcome to read through, though.


  3. I live in a Muslim country. Like Christians, they are really into their religion as well. What I have learnt in the last two years is that it is our Indian-ness that makes us flexible.

    We have grown up with Hindus, muslims, sikhs, each and every sect in this world. We have celebrated Eid and Christmas just like we celebrate Diwali. We know their stories as much as we know our mythological figures. And in all that, somewhere we got lost and didn’t feel the need to dig deep.

    I’m so glad we’ve been celebrating humanity and not a particular religion. And thats just because we’ve lived in a secular country called India. oohh.. Jai Hind!!!


  4. Nisha:
    You have hit the nail on its head. I do think, Indians as a whole are a lot more tolerant and accepting. That is just the way of life for us. I am glad some of us can appreciate the freedom we enjoy.


  5. Those who follow religion not by their own reasoning or calling, but because thats how they have been brought up, will always be insecure. Sometimes one does discover religion, God, or Higher power by one’s own calling. They don’t get offended and their religion will not be insecure.

    P.S – Please delete my above comment, bit of syntatical mistakes in it. Can’t blame myself, it is 3 AM on Sunday night/Monday morning 🙂


  6. Satya: I think I agree, there is some truth to what you say. Your comment was deleted as requested. 🙂


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