The week so far

After thoughts are bad. I can tell because I have been consumed by them for the past few weeks. I want to forget about what happened and move on. But sometimes I think a little feedback goes a long way. I would like to know how I performed. I would like to know what was perceived with what I said. I want to know, what they though of me. What I really want to know if I got the job. But I think it is equally important to know, if I didn’t and why so.

Sometimes a change in expectation, can help change perspective. Acceptance increases and relationships improve. I have realized that just because of all the reasons I have, does not mean that people are what I believe them to be. What I believe them to be is really what I want them to be.  No one is what you want them to be. Hell most times we are not what we had set out to be. So stepping back, and accepting them for who they are and not having undue expectations can help improve what you share with them.

Just re-reading the above passage, I realize I can apply the same to so many of the other relationships in my life.

I wished someone good luck today,  said I wish you get what you want. She turned around and said, ” I have what I want, I am working to get more.” I think for a while it sounded arrogant and ungrateful to me. But then, at least she knows what she has and what she wants.  I think it is very important to know the difference.

I asked someone  to pray for me last night.  I really want something to work for me. She asked me why I couldn’t do it myself. I have more faith in her faith. I think she will ask with utmost devotion and honesty and she will get what she asks for. Me not so much. That is probably the problem. I don’t have the faith. I don’t believe. How will things ever change. She told me to try and believe. To remember that my best may not be the best for everyone around me. So if I truly wanted to be happy I should pray for things to be in the best interest for everyone around me and to pray for strength that will allow me to embrace the outcome no matter what it is. because I god I have to keep the faith and remember that he has a plan. Hmm, tough one that one..


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