Unknown truth.

Growing up most of us have parents. Most of us only know the ideal concept of a family or a life. We grow up with that idea. We see the world through that window we have built with our beliefs. Then we grow up. At least some of us. We realize that perfect doesn’t really exist.  We all have our own different definitions of perfect and learn how to live with it. Sometimes, it gets too late to make that realization. Sometimes we judge people. Their reality. Sometimes we forget to step out of our shoes  and know that they have made themselves comfortable in their own.

We would think that a little bit of humility would set into the human race by a certain age. I don’t expect a 7 year old to make sense of what I am saying neither a 17 year old. But at 27, 37 perhaps 47, we should have learned enough from life experience to know that the worse can happen to the best of us. Some of the smartest people around us can make some of the most stupid mistakes. What can happen to others can most easily happen to us. One would think that with this knowledge, this world will be a more accepting place to live in.

And yet it is not. People judge you. Sometimes even when they find themselves in the exact same position. They are unforgiving and very unkind? What makes the human race so arrogant?  Some people call it being self-righteous. Who gives them the authority? Why is this world such a harsh place to live in?



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2 responses to “Unknown truth.

  1. My popular grouse as well. Humility comes by accepting that one is not perfect. Parents does have a role in bringing up their child to make them delusional later. If one does not accept deficiencies in themself, they will never grow, never learn anything, never respect others and will never be humble. Bad parenting, and sad for those around such people.


  2. Satya: I am not a very big believer in playing the blame game. I think we are capable of thinking for ourselves. I think that we should be held responsible for our thoughts and actions. I agree, parenting has an effect on us, but what we eventually do is because of the choices we make.


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