I haven’t had it in me to take this step. I think it is time though. I give up on our relationship. Sadly and perhaps more importantly I give up on me. I have come to realize no matter what you do or say or mean, it is going to rub me off in the wrong way.  The same is true for me.

I remember the good times. I remember the times this meant something to both of us. It doesn’t any more. We don’t even know what we are hanging onto. There is only hurtful exchanges and misunderstandings.

I don’t want to end up in a situation where I cannot even hold a decent conversation with you. Unfortunately I think we are heading there and fast. At this point in our lives, we can probably blame it on stress and the lives that we have adopted. We both knew it was in the making for a long time

I am not even sad to let you go. I think in my heart I had a long time ago. I think the same must be true for you. I believe we should stop trying. It is getting us no where. I refuse to build these terrible memories and hang onto the ones that make me happy.I know neither of us want to take this step. It was easier to just hang on. Be civil. Pretend. I don’t want to any more. I want to have an honest relationship. I still want to be true to you.

For that reason alone, I think I finally am going to take the step we both know should have been taken a long time ago. I am breaking up with you.

Love always,




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4 responses to “Break-up

  1. hmmm.. if that’s your decision…
    but if we ever meet someday on this road again.. it won’t be a bad idea to just say hi!
    all the best 🙂


  2. Nisha: I promise to be as civil as I possibly can. Btw, just for the record.. I am not breaking up with my blog. I have only just begun.


  3. somewhere there, i am too.


  4. Theanalogkid:
    Not a cool place to be in.


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