No pressure.

A whole week has gone by since I attended the review course. I came back feeling very motivated and ready to conquer the world.  My work had been chalked out. I realized my weak areas, which I know are a lot more than my strong ones. I had the armor to overcome the weakness and conquer the world. I was ready!

That was a week ago. This week just flew by with little accomplishment to speak for. I have had sleepless nights, not because I was burning the midnight oil. I was lamenting the loss of yet another very important day.

I received an email this week. It was written with my sorry state in mind. It was encouraging, motivational and rationalized my fears and regrets. Oddly, it was an email I had written to a friend four years ago. She forwarded it to me letting me know, that the email was still pertinent to her today. I find it odd that after all these years it had to come back to me.

As of this evening, I have sixteen more days. I have a long way to go.  I also know that if I don’t do it now, I can kiss the life I have dreamed of good bye.



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2 responses to “No pressure.

  1. Yes there will be days. 16 days sounds good number of days, don’t lament on the passed week, but prepare for the coming. One good day will work wonders !


  2. GS:
    Thank you. I so needed to hear that. Now I just need to believe in myself and make it happen.


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