Takeaways from the weekend!

Eighty percent of you know, eighty percent of the matter. That is why most of you will lie in the 50th percentile. It takes just a little more to take the leap of two standard deviations. Either way.

This is a testament of you having committed the rest of your life to mastering this subject.  Have the conviction

There is never infinite knowledge in our field. There is one human body. That is all you need to know.

There is no such thing as a bad test taker. Only bad attitudes.

You haven’t lost the battle, until you have. Put in your best until then. Don’t have a defeatist attitude.

Something is always better than nothing.

You will do far worse things than sit in a chair and with a pencil and paper and perhaps a can of diet coke, when you have been 30 hours post call.

I am having a bad day is not an excuse you are allowed when you have to save lives. It is never good to have any excuses.

You have had 6 months as an intern and a gazillion as a chief to do this. You should know it cold.

Good luck, you can still do this!

Some pearls of wisdom, I picked up at conference this past weekend. They aren’t quotes as I don’t remember the exact verbiage and also I have added some of my own.







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6 responses to “Takeaways from the weekend!

  1. I am glad that you forgot the exact verbiage – it comes out much better that way! There is a flavour of personal values and conviction in it.


  2. Gaizabonts:
    Perhaps you are right. I am wondering, if we only hear what we want to hear. Or perhaps the better word would be retain. I think the exact verbiage allows interpretation. Perhaps, those words would mean different things to different people.


  3. Neat, this is what I needed to hear! 🙂


  4. Sunrise:
    Glad. I think we all do, no matter what we do in our lives. Btw, didn’t I tag you?


  5. Hey, you’re right, we do need to hear these words. And nope you didn’t I don’t think? You are talking about the year in posts tag right?


  6. Sunrise:
    Yes, well if I didn’t tag you, I know I wanted to. So consider yourself tagged.


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