The year that was..

I didn’t write all that much last year.  However, I wrote an average of 3 posts a month. I am looking forward to reviewing the year through my posts. I was tagged by him. The original I believe started here.

January:  Welcome 2010!  This post wasn’t about regrets. It was all about what I will do to go forward.  Some may disagree with me, but I see no futility in regrets. I know I have said that before.

February:  Said, unsaid  It is hard to amputate a gangrenous limb. I was in the process. The introspection helped.

March:  Thanks is due: Part II This was originally a tag that I had read on Gaizabonts. I wasn’t married then. I decided to revisit this tag, when I finally did. I used this post to express myself after one year of marriage.  Interestingly enough I feel the same, now after two and more.

April:  No posts

May:  Not Apologetic  I think we are so bound by what we think others believe is the right behaviour or attitude for us, that we sometimes forget, we should decide that for ourselves.  We try so hard, to constantly do the right thing by others, that we forget it is okay to do right by us, even if it means doing wrong by others.

June: Liberation I feel stiffled sometimes. I know I have to watch my mouth, as it is known to run amock!  This was liberating. I think I felt good a whole month after. To note however, I have 3 unfinished drafts in this month.

July:  Misty eyes This post not only set the tone of the month, it is the only post of the month, unfortunately it set the tone of things to come for quite a few months after. I have seen sickness and death and successes and failures. I have watched people deal with their lives , how they know best. In spite of my best efforts to remain a spectator, I have been sucked into the despair. This year on the whole has been very challenging.

August: As strong as the weakest link Going through the posts, I find that most of the posts revolved around my marriage and my husband. I had just got to know of 3 definite divorces, 2 potential ones, one relationship break up and a good friend who I almost idealize question her own relationship with her husband of 11 years. I think I was scared for my relationship. I think I was disturbed by the potential, that things could go wrong with us. The husband, doesn’t think we should compare and contrast relationships. To each his own. While I agree with that, I always want to be cognizant of the fact that things can go wrong, if we let them.

September: This Monday morning  Wow we are into September already. I had to make some decisions. It wasn’t easy. It never is to realise that you may have to start all over again. I was thinking this month. The other post in this month was Introspection. I suppose the process had started.

October:  Weakness I often find myself looking for that comfortable place I knew, when things get rough. I now know, that that place would be mine to own, if it was really meant to be. Weakness, is just that a weakness. Nothing good has ever come out of it.

November: There are two posts, one in the begining of the month and one at the last. With seven drafts in between. I don’t think any single post sets the tone of the month. Everything was pretty disjointed.

December: 49 days I talk about the goal I have set in front of me. A special mention of my anniversary post.  5 years and counting!

As is the tradition of any tag I am going to put some of you on the spot. I am also going to leave this one open. Only request being whenever you do, let me know.



Mind in a mesh



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7 responses to “The year that was..

  1. Danke! Well done, feels good, doesn’t it? 😀 I just realised we celebrate our blog anniversaries in the same month!

    Cheers and Happy Blogging in 2011!


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  3. Post more.. will try and do the tag.. 🙂 happy new Year


  4. Gaizabonts: it felt great indeed. Just to ponder over the posts and reminisce. I wrote the anniversary post in December, I started in November though. 🙂

    Pallavi: It will be an interesting experience. Try it.


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  6. Oye, Am done with the tag.. 🙂 Good one.. felt good. Thanks.. We should do more tags… he he


  7. Jilmil:
    Since when do u go by this name?


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