In this year

It is three days  into 2011 and I have no post regarding the year/decade that was, and the year that will be. I have plans. Like the rest of us. I too hope that miraculously this year will be different. I will get all that I want. I will do all that I should. I will win some lose some. All for the good. Most importantly however I think I need to ask, what am I  going to do differently, that this year is any different from the last few years that I have lived.

I am not sure what the answer is. I doubt anyone else does either. Otherwise, wouldn’t we see healthier happier people, less wars, more peace, a stronger ozone layer, a better Earth. Oh well.

I have this concise little email from the fine folks at wordpress, which I am going to post that gives a summary of my blog that was. Will not judge it. Will just accept it. I have also been tagged, after eons and I am very excited about reminiscing the last year and taking note of what pushed me onto the edge of writing.  I plan to tag myself to this project of blogaweek, by wordpress, once I figure how that works.

I hope for all of you, that you know in your hearts and minds and pockets what you really want to do. I also hope for our sake that we realize old habits will not get new results. So here is wishing you all a very happy new year, with its endless possibilities and opportunities, which truly lie within you.



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5 responses to “In this year

  1. I do @ that realisation. But the key, as you say, is to know that old habits will not get new results. This year, then, belongs to that.

    I loved the WP summary mail too! An starting the year with a tag is always good! I look forward to fun things!



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  3. Gaizabonts:
    This year has to be different on several fronts. I already feel the diiference. A tag, a post, a link and comment..:) All good I say.


  4. Happy New Year Darlin 🙂


  5. Pallavi: Thank you and to you!


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