All in the Christmas spirit.

We don’t really celebrate Christmas. The church, christianity, saint bit, I don’t know, I don’t do. Inspite of my lack of Christian faith and ignorance, Christmas has always been special.  A day we as children celebrated for very different reasons but a celebrated one nonetheless.  Last year the husband I got our first tree. So this year, we decided to keep the tradition going. Since I didn’t have the time to decorate it, my husband did. Christmas began right there for me. A beautiful bruce fir, lovely aroma, spectacular lights, a prayer angel and lots of love. 

We received a record number of holiday cards this year. Some from friends that we have known for years but mostly from new acquaintances that we have come to know in the last few. Nothing makes my day more than a hand written note. For years I have written them myself, but this year I kept a low key. The complete lack of acknowledgement, worse still some very negative kind made me rethink my wanting to make the effort. The irony amuses me.

I was always taught to be humble and very cognizant of the fact that arrogance would get me nowhere. I was made to believe that help is no good when it has to be asked for. I think I jumped the gun when a good old friend this Christmas questioned the reason for my call.  I was asked, if I had called out of concern or out of the disappointment of not being involved given I was in a position to help. I am not sure what to make of it. I am going to give this a rest and hope that one misunderstanding would not change everything I have believed in.

So, how was your soul stirred this holiday season?


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