Some blessings I miss.

Thinking that things would change in one day, was a very ambitious hope. But hope all the same. You know what they say about not losing hope. I haven’t lost mine. I have 41 days to go. You can tell I have skipped some posts and some days. Much like how the effort has been. Very skipped. I really truly miss Eddy! I don’t know if this was really her name. I met her on an online forum few years ago when I was taking the USMLE exam. We never spoke to each other or met but we formed a study group. She was smart, hard working and set a very good standard of the  amount of hard work that would be needed to do well on the exam.

I did well. Eddy wasn’t the sole help I had.  A very good friend who has no medicine background gave me time. In today’s world, when most things can be bought, time still remains least generously given She quizzed me patiently on material that probably made no sense to her. Her support and confidence in me helped me go a long way.

To this day I am grateful for their help.  I may not have the resources today, but I know what it takes. I am going to make good of the blessings I once had.



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2 responses to “Some blessings I miss.

  1. I have been reading and waiting for your posts. Of all the post you had on your blog – this & previous, I guess this is the best series. Very inspiring and great perseverance.

    alll the best


  2. GreenSatya
    Thank you!


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