I am really happy.

I have this stupid grin on my face. I am excited. I have reached a milestone. In the large scheme of things this is very early. Feels like a lifetime to me.  Makes me wish I had embarked on this journey much earlier in life.

I feel warm even on cold nights.

I don’t have elaborate plans for the holidays. I have no plans at all. I will probably be studying and working hard. I will be in my room. I will be by myself, but I will not be alone. There is warmth and contentment. There is love and affection. There are prayers hopes and dreams.

I couldn’t have asked for more.

I recently told my husband, ” if you died, I will move on..but if you left me I will really struggle.” I left him very surprised one weekend morning. He promised me he was right there for me. I know there are no guarantees. There is a promise. For now, I am happy with that. I savor every moment I know he is with me. I am grateful for another year well spent.



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2 responses to “Milestone..

  1. Hearty congratulations, EU!


  2. It is Det-res now. I’d appreciate you acknowledge that. Thank you.


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