49 days

Once upon a  time long long ago, a friend once told me “never to underestimate the power of last minute effort”. I have often repeated these words of wisdom. I however don’t know anyone who has actually benefited from it. I can tell you, just typing this down, gives back some of my lost hope but in the end, it may not get the job done.

As often mentioned by my husband, most successful people have  a plan. A solid one at that. The skill lies in sticking to that plan. I have made elaborate plans in the past. Unfortunately none of them have panned out. I then go onto make further plans and watch them disintegrate as bad ideas right before my eyes.

For years now, I can say I have hoped someone has  a better plan for me and hopefully they would be better at sticking to it, than me. That doesn’t really seem to be the case either.

So now I am at the last minute, without any plan what so ever. I am shitting bricks to say the least and have too much pride to accept or acknowledge. That I know is a bad thing. As part of the plan, I should probably first reach out for help, or at least acknowledge that somethings are beyond my capacity. I will not say capability, as I firmly believe that one can achieve anything they really put their mind to.

So I have forty nine days to achieve, what I had six months to do. It has come down to 49 days. It is scary but not unachievable. As part of my faith  in “the power of last minute “, I am going to chronicle the next 49 days. A post for each of these days, letting you know of my small successes each day.

Let the countdown begin!



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5 responses to “49 days

  1. I agree with your friend and your husband. What I don’t agree with is folks who say only one of it works. It all really boils down to the kind of a person you are. Neither is foolproof or preferred.

    I like; I’ll be watching the countdown. 🙂 All the Best!


  2. Gaizabonts:
    Thank you for the wishes. God knows I need them. I agree, I don’t think any one formula works for all. One has to make the formulas work for them.


  3. All the best! I’ll be watching you 🙂



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