Today, this day.

The dearth of posts for once had nothing to do with lack of will or words or the need to share. It had to do with something more physical. More tangible. A reason, I had not foreseen of course, but also not taken into consideration as a cause. I feel short sighted and unprepared. Much like most of  the other aspects of my life.

Sometimes I want to pick up from a point I think I left behind. A point that would feel good and be familiar. A place I no longer know, but believe exists . A time of my life that I could get back to and continue from.

Life offers no such luxury, I am beginning to realize.  Perhaps because I am allowing the denials to take a back seat. Facing reality was never going to be easy. I have known that for a while. Some how the hiding places have found their own refuge. But I have made a decision. I am going to stand tall. Before the resolutions begin to fly, I have stated mine.



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2 responses to “Today, this day.

  1. “the hiding places have found their own refuge”

    loved that


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