Zombies have arrived.

I lied. I was asked a question. In response I lied. To cover up my lie I asked another question. That no longer lets my lie remain an innocent one. Now I have ruined it. Then again I have never been a good liar.

One has to be careful what they ask for. I asked for independence and liberty. I got exactly that. Now I wonder how to reword what I want in order to game the system.  Do we know what we want? Do we know how to ask for it? If yes, how do we get it?

Ever been in a conversation knowing fully well, no truth is being  told. We talk around the truth. Most people talk some truth. Most people always mask the real truth.  Talking of masks, Halloween weekend just went by. The costumes, the make up, the people and the energy was explosive. For a while, it felt like the zombies had arrived.



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8 responses to “Zombies have arrived.

  1. Hmm, the big question. I once tried reading an article from HBR on this question – Do we know what we want (from life) ? The movies – Up in the Air, and also The American tried to touch upon this theme

    It is spooky to come to your blog and see the same theme here. People don’t say truth, but it is easiest to decipher. To know the world’s truth is the most disturbing situation.

    Phew, I managed to put a comment with the same zeitgeist theme as your post !


  2. GS:
    Hey!! You tried. I can tell and on this blog we support “trying”. 🙂

    I have been wondering this for myself for months now. Some day I had to say it out loud. I would be weary of deciphering. I don’t think we can tell with any degree of certainty, what we decipher has any truth to it. I really like to see, smell, feel. I think it comes from my training as a doctor. I like to see to believe and when I cannot see and have to guess work at least know in my mind that chances are I could be dead wrong. I don’t I was talking about the world’s truth. I want to know about small mundane details of your ( not an is yours) but the one I address this to…life. Just small stuff!


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  4. ignore the above. think its an automatic trackback since i linked your blog from my post.

    people can lie effectively, if they feel up to it. its when they want you to know they are lying that they even give you clues and drop hints unconsciously; like testing the waters for consequences or maybe they simply don’t respect you or the cause enough to even come up with a creative and thoughtful lie.


  5. TAK:
    Hmm, the trackbacks or ping backs( i forget what they are called) serve two purposes. First, to let me know in the nicest way, that someone has referenced my post, second, it serves as a great writer’s ego boost. So no sorry cannot ignore it!


  6. 🙂 ok

    no posts all month! busy?



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