This place I want to be..

I write this post on a full stomach.  I wonder if it will allow me to be less cranky.However with everything that has been going on, I seem to be in a very perky mood. It could have something with the conversation I had with my husband. However hard it is for me to openly admit my fears and defeats, he tends to patiently listen and decipher my mumblings. Knowing how sensitive he tends to be, I try and take care of his sensibilities. Yet the times that I go for the full code press, he tends to handle the situation pretty well. It is surprising, but also reassuring. He is the man in the relationship after all.

Perhaps I am happy because I got to participate in a celebration. I believe it is a privilege to celebrate the existence of people around you. Whether that existence is good or bad, I leave it for others to judge. The fact, that we are present, we serve a purpose. I believe that should be celebrated.

Everyday I am reminded how much older I am. I have been scheduling yearly, 3 yearly, and hopefully never again doctors visits.  Nearing mid- thirties with an extremely positive family history I decided to be the educated well informed person that I hope to be.  It has been a good experience so far. You know, it is said every intern should get abdominal pain so they learn to take their patients seriously. I think these office visits are a learning experience. The US is notorious for bad health care service. Having been on one side for better part of the last 10 years, it is a good learning curve to change angles. I hope this makes me a better physician eventually.

Hopefully this is going to be a good week. Upward and onward is my mantra this week.



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2 responses to “This place I want to be..

  1. Sunrise: Not unwell. But thanks. Just routine check ups.


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