Sometimes I think what would the person who will have a success story to tell in 6 months be doing at this exact moment. I know for sure not what I am doing.  When I think of it, I get dizzy. Fear for one reason, but mostly uncertainty gets to me. I am hoping that I will do the right thing by me. Most importantly realize that I am my own enemy.

Sometimes the truth remains only a concept. Sometimes I think there are so many angles. What it is, and what it becomes in our eyes, may not be the actual truth but an acceptable fact to us. What we perceive is the biggest truth we can handle at times.

Sometimes there is only so much we can take. Be it love be it anything else. When the limit and beyond has been delivered we don’t know how to handle it. A delicate balance needs to be achieved. Do we take it all and happily say thank you, do we turn around and let them know that enough is sometimes enough and politely decline.  Excess of anything is bad like they say.

Sometimes all we need is a little food. It makes us happy and content. It fills us with pleasure like no other. Makes conversations flow, brings people together, bridges cultural differences and dismisses political and religious differences. We all need to be fed. But think about, I think food does a lot more.


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