Someone recently told me that, I would start blogging a lot more than I have been in the past few months. I think I agree with them.  I have a lot more urges to come back to this page. He thinks it has something to do with the fact that I am taking an exam in January. I think I have always used my blog to escape from reality. This space is my make-believe safe place to be in.

I have often heard Indians abroad put down “American people” as the least curious, least informed, least traveled and most stupid people they have come across. While there is some truth to the arrogance of ignorance in this country, I am always skeptical of the choices the same people have made. Most of the said Indians are in the US, to either get higher education or earn a living in the world’s largest economy. Am I the only one who sees the irony in these statements?

I stopped reading about the common wealth games a while ago. It was agonizing to hear about the corruption. People’s attitudes, the media and everything else that came along with it was disturbing.  A part of me has struggled. As a citizen  is my choice to ignore the situation, rather than take a stand and hold people accountable also responsible for the state that my country has come to. If every capable individual, shut down the news website, muted the TV news and pretended they did not know what was going in the country, would the real problem go away, get solved, or only  get worse. While I see a huge trend in people being “ashamed of the given circumstances” I want to know what they and I put together did to ensure that we as a nation did not come to this stage?



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5 responses to “Introspection

  1. I wonder if that someone made a psychic statement, or knew about your exams !


  2. GS: They knew about the exam. 🙂


  3. when the politicians were being charged, we were sitting in front of our television sets feeling ashamed.
    when the ceremony was a success, we sat on our couch clapping.
    In a few days, we’ll be applauding our success coming 2nd/3rd.
    I just have a feeling we will forget about the shame after that. I really hope we don’t and the people who were behind all the drama get their due.Only then feeling ashamed would be worth it.


  4. nisha: people will forget.



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