Time to stop and smell the roses!

I started off with gmail. Then yahoo. The hospital server does not allow me to access facebook, which is a good things, since it allows me to actually do more than just play lexulous and read people’s updates.  I then went on to the BikramYoga webiste. It is becoming my second favourite place to be. I have the ABSITE page and 4 tabs on it. J.Crew and Banana Republic fall collection pages, and the New York Times world news section. All running simultaneously on this computer. I also have this wordpress page where I am furiously typing hoping that I wil find some method to my madness.

I did the unthinkable recently. I thought of signing up on Twitter. I felt that I have so many flitting ideas that I should put them down some place, those flitting ideas. But I need structure. I don’t know how much Tweeting would help. So I resign to blogging, something I enjoyed when I started. I am not the same person anymore. I am not in UK, alone with a room and my laptop, a broken heart and dreams of a better future. 

I am in that future I dreamed about. I live in a city I absolutly love and for all the wrong reasons I am sure. I am married to a wonderful human being. I wanted to say husband, but then I haven’t sampled other husbands so I wouldn’t know. As a human being, this husband of mine trumps the other human beings I have encountered. Hmm, there could be an element of bias, but of all the screw ups I have made with character judgement I am really glad about this one.  

Things need to change on the professional front. I just read this post. It has spoken rather loudly to me.  A lot of things do, but then inertia seems rather potent. I don’t know how or when am I going to change things around. I know it is in my hands, aren’t most things? or are they? It is so much easier to resign to failure and find excuses.

I want to be able to find one priority for the day. I want to be able to achieve that one task for that day. Today, I want to stop and be able to smell the roses.



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4 responses to “Time to stop and smell the roses!

  1. Good Post, many of your feeling I have too. Ten years ago I didn’t even have a PC. Now I’m learning to blog, a place on Yahoo and I check in to “MY COMPUTER WORLD” everyday. But I’m not on Facebook or Twitter yet!


  2. Azsunflower:
    I enjoy facebook. I like it for what it does for me.


  3. It feels so awesome to know that you have once been in the UK too; somehow it makes me relate to this a bit more. I’m not entirely sure how – you ever get that feeling of familiar, yet unfamiliar?

    I am glad you are touchwood leading a good life. I am curious about the wrong reasons for liking the city – care to share? 🙂

    PS: I actually opened your blog – saw three unread posts, was delighted and I sat down with my current favourite chocolate to read! 😀


  4. Sunrise:
    I started blogging when I was in UK. I had a lot of time to myself and I took well to blogging. I know, there are aspects of my life that resonates with yours. I too sometimes on some levels feel a familiar yet an unfamiliar feeling. I think it is the small snippets that we come across and identify with them. Had we to find out the whole truth it would be adifferent story altogether. Why I love New York, I think that deserves a post. It has been in the making for a while now. I will write it some day. I may not always express it, but I am glad you enjoy reading my posts. I am surprised at your patience to read through my life. Thank you.


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