It has been a while since I dropped the sacred F bomb  on anyone.  I wanted to ask this person to take their crap some where else and really you know what off!

It felt good. Relieving! It felt honest and gave me the most pure form of satisfaction.  Will there be consequences to my action. Of course there will be.  This person will probably never speak to me. Might also talk about me with the few common friends and completely justifiably prove my instability in emotions and profanity.

Yet somehow in the longest time, I haven’t felt this freedom in thought and expression of my thoughts. I think growing up we get too wrapped in the politically correct way of behaving.  No one really tells you how to think. What would you expect when there is a disconnect between what we think and what we express.  I find that stifling. I have been told that conversations with me have been distasteful in the past. My biggest satisfaction, is that those conversations were probably the most honest.

A little truth hurts.  The consequences even more so. Man up, speak your mind, bear the consequences. It is not as hard as you think. Stop the PC…BS.



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6 responses to “PC..BS

  1. Jen

    ha ha 😀
    wish we could also include a black-eye in the package! no ?


  2. yeah sometimes it feels quite liberating.. 🙂 LOL


  3. Jen:
    Ha! No! Thanks.

    Have you tried it?


  4. yes I very often do when everything else fails.. and I need to scream.. LOL


  5. Pallavi:
    He he! 🙂



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