No agony.

I don’t claim that I haven’t made mistakes. Oh I made plenty. I must have been the queen of mistakes. I had so called friends sighing every time I called. The sighs shrieked so loud of disapproval, I never wanted to speak to them again. They definitely didn’t have the appetite for my mistakes or me.

Well this post isn’t about me. Well may be it is. I think I have already established, pretty much everything is about me or resolves around me.

So how hard is it for people to first know and then remember that they deserve the best in life. Be it an environment, job, partner, colleagues? Why do we constantly undersell ourselves? Why do we settle for less?

I forget the number of times I have repeated myself in the last few years. I tell girls they deserve a man who respects them and loves the. I tell friends they deserve to be in a job they can grow and enjoy. I tell my family they deserve respect and a decent conversation.

I know I look fortunate. I have a fantastic loving supportive family, a husband that simply adores me, work that I absolutely enjoy doing and friends that could give an arm for me.  So someone can argue that I don’t know misery.

Here is what most people forget, we all have to deal with misery. How much of it you want to settle for, is a choice you have to make.



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6 responses to “No agony.

  1. Accidental Fame Junkie

    Oh boy! This posts speaks to me like no other! Thanks! I needed this! 😀


  2. AFJ:
    You are welcome


  3. we settle
    for less
    and we wonder
    why we didn’t
    have the best
    we forgot
    that it’s us
    who decides
    what we get


  4. Bendedspoon:
    Thanks, that is true.


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