I am not going to apologize because I choose me.

Like everyone else I have my best interest at heart. Like everyone else there isn’t any part of me that doesn’t put myself before all else. I know that makes me selfish, self centered and probably very irrational.

The only shred of reason I might have is that I acknowledge; it is possible I am  wrong when I look out for myself. Every time I decide to chose myself over everything else around me I could be doing wrong.  I am cognizant of that possibility.

So, there are times when I will let go. Let go of occurrences that saddened me, hurt me, confused me, and left me a little distanced from people I considered my very own. I let go because I chose to see the bigger picture.I let go, because at that instant I decide I am going to take a back seat.

Then there are times, that I don’t want to. Not because I don’t remember the good times, or I have forgotten every thing that was said and done, not said and done, or because I forget about seeing the bigger picture.

Sometimes, I just choose me.



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6 responses to “I am not going to apologize because I choose me.

  1. Its start with you and ends with you. Everything is around you.. 🙂


  2. R

    The best choice, ever.


  3. Hmm sometimes I think the Lego toy means let go..


  4. Accidental Fame Junkie

    Oh boy! Again! Can’t believe how I relate to this. It’s not selfish to choose oneself. I am not that big a friend of Ayn Rand but she said and I paraphrase that being selfish is “concern with one’s own interests”. On this alone, I agree. And yes, sometimes.


  5. Pallavi:
    While it sounds very self-centered, I don’t know of a greater truth.


    White Magpie:
    I don’t think I quite get what you really want to say.

    You don’t have to be someone’s friend to agree with someone, just like the opposite also holds true. I think, one should have the freedom to look out for one’s own best interest.



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