Which side are you on?

There a few perks of working with Trauma surgeons. For one I am convinced that I want to be an organ donor. The other, one should be prepared to die. Shit happens. For no fault of yours. It just does. And you die.

We are in the business of saving lives.  Oh! Sue me I said business. Unlike popular notion that becoming a doctor entails giving up on expecting to make a pay check what with all the nobility involved in the profession, we do like to make a living. A good one at that especially since we don’t generally start making any money until we are 38. By which time we have student loans and a family and mortgage to pay. While people snicker at my statement ask yourself, who in your experience does anything without being paid for it.

I digressed.

So yeah, organ donation. I find the idea necessary . I also have a lot of respect for the families who in the most trying times maintain rationality and calmness and donate the organs of their loved ones. What is going through their I mind I dread to know. Will I be that sane, I don’t know. I hope I do the right thing. Help an alcoholic cirrhotic patient live another 5 years on my loved one’s liver. Sure why not.

But what I really want to know is, what is going through the minds of the “Gift of life” personnel who are waiting for doctors to declare a person brain dead/ or just dead in order to harvest their organs. All in the name of preserving life.



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3 responses to “Which side are you on?

  1. Sherry and I have talked about being donors, and have given each other permission, but we do not have it denoted in our driver’s license (we want each other to make this call and not the gift of life personnel)


  2. Bincy:
    By the ugliness that I have observed in the last few months, I think you couldn’t have made a more wise decision.


  3. well gain and lose.. law of nature.. ? I am all up for organ donation by the way..


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