Thanks is due: Part II

There is a part of me that now loves without expectation, commits without fear and gives without expectation. Just a small part, but a big change for me.

I take time to think about my future, and the future of others that have some how intertwined with mine. I am more cognizant of  my responsibilities.

I have a different “food-attitude”. I take skimmed milk, one Splenda in my coffee, enjoy fat free blueberry muffins and look for healthy options on the menu.

I no longer have emotional outbursts. I now take a deep breath, think and ask myself. How does this affect me?  Is it worth burning oxygen over at all?

Becoming more objective in my outlook. I am learning to think and contemplate more  than just forming quick biased and prejudiced impressions.

Being more objective about movies, art, and politics.

More red less black.

Happy, confident and loved.

Some things don’t ever change. A lot of things do. The changes are becoming a lifestyle. The difference a blur.

I wanted to thank the one constant I have at the moment in my life for the wonderful new milestones I have achieved but like time, life just seems to pass me by. So I thought I will take up this tag. Sort of.  I am glad I came across it a while ago.



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5 responses to “Thanks is due: Part II

  1. Gaizabonts:
    Thanks! Me too


  2. Jen

    “There is a part of me that now loves without expectation, commits without fear and gives without expectation. Just a small part, but a big change for me.”

    i always believe someone who has managed to achieve this, has actually found the key to eternal happiness…. hats off!

    Most of the time i find myself relating to & with most (if not all) of your posts. But after reading this one, I am starting to think the only thing we’d have in common from now on would be our liking for blueberry muffins 😀

    I have a long way to go.

    Keep it up… and keep it going girl.


  3. Jen: It is a conscious decision I made. I could be guarded with my emotions like I have been for some time now. Or I can let go and enjoy the freedom I feel. If shit hits the roof I will deal with it then. Until then I am going to love give and commit to this one wonderful human being with no holding back. 🙂

    I think you will find it in yourself when the time comes. Don’t beat yourself if it doesn’t. The rest of my being hasn’t changed at all.



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