Is it possible?

Buying calcium supplements in the form of Gummy bears may not be a very good idea. I think I am suffering from Calcium toxicity. I ate a handful last night instead of the suggested dose of 2 bears a day.

I am always amused by the sign in the bathrooms of restaurants. “Employees must wash hands” Is it okay for the rest of us not to, or is it a possibility that some of the people who are hired in the restaurant don’t think it is essential to wash their hands.

Vacations leave me exhausted. Very exhausted.

Do people criticize because they can, or because they really really feel the need to.

Socializing is becoming tricky. I miss the old days when you met, did some activity, ate some food, drank some some and talked. I think sites like facebook are ruining that for us. We are so into each other’s face, that a lot of times, I feel we have no appetite left to have a real conversation, meet face to face.



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2 responses to “Is it possible?

  1. Hahaha @ the signboard. Good notice.

    I criticise because it’s easy and something I can do without asking for anyone’s permission, if you know what I mean.


  2. Rohit:
    Right, I sense that. People say things because they can. Do they ever consider what the repercussions of such attitude can be. I like to sit back and wait for the time when they have to take back their own words or even better be the biggest hypocrites.


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