I have finally done it…

Watched my wedding video.

I don’t have an appetite for coy photos and stupid wedding photo shoots. My one condition with the photographers at my wedding was that they wont ask me or my guests to “do things” to get good photos. I told them to take the initiative to be innovative and capture the best they know how. They didn’t get what I wanted, I didn’t give them what they wanted. A video was shot too and I thought I would never watch it. I lived through my wedding. I didn’t need to watch it again.

On my brother’s recent trip he insisted to watch the video and I joined him. It was super fun.

Said out loud that I will have a baby someday.

The husband and I enjoyed playing host to my six year old niece and my nephew who is one and half. We realized that the only reason we can afford to spoil the children was they had parents who will discipline them. Also we can always give the children back to them once they get out of our hands. The late nights, the crankiness, the constant need of a child scared both of us. Yet the parents appeared happy, in control and very engaged with their children. The commitment is huge, but I think in time I want to experience parenthood.

Agreed that I am too old for late nights and alcohol binges.

I am too distraught about this one to even talk about it.



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4 responses to “I have finally done it…

  1. This new layout is pretty difficult for the eyes. Request change !


  2. Really? Why? Is it the font?


  3. At a closer look, the indentation is confusing, right, left or center ? Also there is so much of information, columns, link etc, that eyes are like you are watching a tennish game.
    And finally I found a way to get my comments in without special approval.


  4. You didn’t find a way, I just made it easier for both of us. The whole indentation thing is just an experiment.


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