This week…

We are 22 days into the New Year and trying to keep up with my resolution, the husband and I have booked our first trip for this year. I am very excited at the idea of flying to a new destination, exploring a new land, different people, culture, beaches, staying in a beautiful resort over seeing the ocean, trying out new cuisines, drinking drinks that come with tiny unbrellas.. Quite looking forward to it.

I was on a professional high for a bit. It is amazing how quickly reality sets in, fears creep up and uncertainty prevails. The resolution remains strong. I am going to chin up and remain focused.

I am not doing very well with people. At best I am irritated with everyone around me. Including myself at times. I have indulged in a lot of retail therapy the last month. The bills aren’t going to be fun to deal with. I feel the madness has to stop and I have to come to terms with “the situation”.

The fact is that I don’t want to have difficult conversations. Conversations are fine until we are dishing out the venom, but are we really ready to take the venom ourselves. Things don’t go from bad to worse when we have always taken the high road and always been the bigger person. There will be pay back time and I am not in the place to deal with it.

So I am going to take baby steps towards not letting pettiness affect me, theirs or mine.


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