About gifting and gifts.

1. Give what you want to give not what you think they want.

2. Give what you can afford.

3. Bring  in spontaniety

4. Planning, contemplation asking a million people is all good but at the end it is really upto you what you want to gift.

5. Gift registries are there to help you, not to dictate your choices. I think if you get to it early, you can get great choices in your own budget.

6. Recieve with the highest level of dignity.

7.  The only appropriate reaction to a gift is “Thank-you”

8. Say it like you mean it.

9. Recycle the gifts if you need to. Do it tactfully.

10. Sometimes, the joy of giving is far greater than receiving.



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2 responses to “About gifting and gifts.

  1. Good pointers. Thanks, especially for the 9th one 😉


  2. Vishwa:
    🙂 There was a time when I would always keep my gifts and then I realized sometimes you cannot accommodate everything you are given.


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