Prettier than the prettiest

On her recent visit to New York City, dressed in her finest my 6.5 year old niece asked me, ” Bua, who do you think was the prettiest in the room?”

I told her, “Me”.  She asked me if I was serious, and I responded, “Absolutely”.

After some thought, she asked me, “so who do you think is the prettier than the prettiest?”  I smiled and responded, “Still me”.

Feeling bad for my dejected niece, but not wanting to give up, I ask her if she wanted me to call her the prettiest because that is what she wanted to hear, or would she rather I be honest with her. To which she replied, ” If you were being honest, you would have told me I am the prettiest!”

And if you think that was the best part, I told my mother this story and while she marvelled at how smart her grand daughter is she commented, ” Don’t take it personally,  but one of my colleagues told me recently that I was the prettiest lady on the family portrait!!!”

Beat that!



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4 responses to “Prettier than the prettiest

  1. Brought a smile. Thanks 🙂


  2. Shankari:
    You are very welcome. 🙂


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