About people and such

It is funny that I should be reminded of this post, just when I was beginning to wonder about relationships.

When I was in junior college, a friend of mine emphatically told me that relationships are based on convenience. Some times it translates to the money. Do people with money make better friends, than those that count their pennies? I wonder.

How often do we make conversation with people we care about or want to be cared by. Taking the high road gets advocated way too many times. I think I would like the freedom to tell a few people that they screwed up. Then are we ready for the consequences of such a conversation. I would like to see myself be the big person when I am told to my face that I was a party pooper, or inconsiderate or insensitive. Sometimes I think taking the high road translate into being non-confrontational.

Are we distancing ourselves way too much from people that we care about. Are we so scared to hurt our feelings or their’s that we have now come to the point that there are no feelings left to be hurt?



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5 responses to “About people and such

  1. High road = escapism or avoidance. And to an extent, an ego massage.


  2. Jen


    How i so totally relate to this one.


  3. Gaizabonts:
    I don’t see how it can be an ego massage to take the high road.



  4. For some, taking the high-road is akin to being superior. You should hear them gloat about having taken the high road.

    In that way.


  5. Gaizabonts:
    On the contrary I find taking the high road is painful and very hurtful to the tiny person called ego. I think I am the inferior person who suffers.

    I can see why people would gloat about it. But then doesn’t that defeat it’s entire purpose.


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