Not quite!

I have had a note on the right hand side of my blog for sometime now, asking people to refrain from smoking when browsing through my blog.

I don’t have anything regarding guzzling alcohol, or eating a 5th doughnut, doing drugs, neglecting children, waste recycling, using plastic. I can go on.

I strongly feel about a lot of issues. Alienating people because of the principles I uphold makes no sense any longer. I have no issues with people. Just some actions. When I believe, that I am tolerant of individual choices, I think I am being a hypocrite by asking people not to smoke. I never tell people not to eat a pastry.

My aversion to smoking is because I believe it is a huge health hazard, but then so is indulging in table salt.

I want to make a difference, but I don’t think picking on people is the way. I’m going to educate people when they are ready, and support them in their effort to make a difference when they want one.



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5 responses to “Not quite!

  1. Confession:
    I majorly OD on table salt. Save my soul and the body parts! πŸ˜›
    BTW, thanks for the health consciousness.


  2. it’s a small note. you don’t seem to impose it on others. just your views.

    wish my dad would listen.


  3. Shankari:
    All I am going to say, is that excess of anything is bad. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

    Dads never listen. Mine is a diabetic. No better.


  4. i think you have said something very profound here, and i would chew on it for a while. it is not easy to distinguish the action and the person, at least for practical purposes. hope all is well with you.
    i shall continue respecting your sentiments, and step out when i want to smoke πŸ™‚


  5. Dharmabum:
    I know it is hard. After all I am only human. All of us are. But after I am done with being human, I believe we have a higher purpose to serve in what ever small way possible. Thank you for caring!


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