Learning to agree when we disagree

I just spent the last fifteen minutes listening to some one complain about their life and lack of any motivation. I spent most of the time listening, but then I spent some time sharing what I have learned the last few years about life.

I know it is a wasted effort. This person may not benefit from what she heard today.  This person may actually benefit from what she heard today. She  is probably never going to come back to me.

People forget. People forget their bad times. It is a good defense mechanism.  People also forget the people associated with those bad time. Those that listened patiently, offered help and stood by them in the worst phases of their life.

There is another thing about advice. It should be given carefully, I want to say cautiously. People only hear what they want to hear.  No matter what your intentions are the advice given is going to be misconstrued to what they want to believe you are saying.

“We are on the same page”, doesn’t really hold true, when two people come from different backgrounds and experiences. You just cannot be on the same page when you are two very different individuals with different philosophies in life. And yet we have decided to co-exist. I think it is a challenge, we do strive for everyday.


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