Need greed and more.

I am not sure if wanting more is essentially a good thing. I am not sure if wanting more is essentially a bad thing.

I was told that needs and wants never end. They only bring sadness. Once you get the one thing you wanted, you didn’t have anything else to look forward to. This loss in purpose is depressing. The depression would lead you to find another need or a want. And hence the cycle would continue.

When I got older, I liked the fact that needs and wants never end. They bring in ambition. Once you achieved one goal you could move on to the next goal. This constant need to achieve took us to great lengths. The ambition will help you succeed. Success will bring in confidence and you will succeed even more.

Sometimes though I cannot tell. Is wanting more, really a good thing or bad.



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5 responses to “Need greed and more.


    🙂 The “blog post she has just read” is this! Wonderful food for thought, thank you for sharing. I hope you carry on in your search for your answers. 🙂


  2. Sunrise:
    We all search for our answers right? Your post proves it. 🙂


  3. May I suggest that what one does with “the more” determines its goodness or badness?


  4. wanting is a bad thing..being happy in whatever we have is bliss..and working towards a goal with no pre conceived notion about the prize…it’s easier said than done.


  5. Nick:
    I think you have a valid point.

    Toon India:
    Why do you say wanting is a bad thing? Especially in today’s world, nothing is idea, is it?


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