Don’t stop..

Initially I thought you were just some prankster. Then I figured you were specifically targeting certain blogs and being an annoyance. You did what you had to do. I hope you had fun while doing it.

Now you have extended your misbehavior by assuming other people’s identity. I want to applaud you for trying so hard instead I feel bad for you.

I know you need some attention. Everything you do is an attention seeking tactic. I wish you would have just asked. I would  have had the choice to give it to you, or let you know that I was not capable of indulging in you.

Now I know, I want nothing to do with you. But I dedicate this post to you. So you know, there is always the spam button, the I.P address by which I know who you are and the conviction of not entertaining you on this blog.

I wish you good luck else where!



Filed under Life

2 responses to “Don’t stop..

  1. Sangeeta


    You tell em!


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