The bird has flown.

I left my home country for better educational opportunities. There was no looking back. I didn’t know that then, but I suspect my parents did. There were times when my mother would comment that they had let their bird fly.

I have always been very grateful for the  opportunities and freedom I was given. I know they were encouraging and very enthusiastic when I had set out. So many years down the line, they don’t recognize the person I have become. I don’t recognize the people I have left behind. Every time I go back to my home country something has changed. Some times I feel robbed of my childhood, of my memories.

People who stayed behind live the change. They get used to the changing life styles. People like me want to hold onto the few things we identify with, memories we hold dear.

For the coming holiday season, I was thinking about the cards that I would write.  I wanted to let people know that my husband and I are doing well, in spite of being in a foreign country. I was wondering if I should send them anniversary pictures. I remember receiving these small pieces of evidence from cousins that had left the country long time ago.  I am amused that I want to have witnesses from my past life validating my present.

Life is passing us by and I have this intense urge to hang onto what I left behind. There is a growing gap each time I think I can bridge it. I think it is time I realize that the only reason I am so far away is because they let their bird fly.



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