Growing a little each time.

After an interesting evening with friends and acquaintances, I tried to keep up for the twelve o’clock birthday phone calls. Age catches up no matter how much you deny it. I must have dozed just before twelve. I was woken up by a birthday song, cake and champagne, a missed call from a very good friend and my mother in law.

People who know me, know how much I love birthdays. Mine most of all. I will ask people to call me send me gifts make it special. Up until very recently I have done all of the above. I gathered, you wont get what you want unless you explicitly ask for it.

The past few years I have noticed my six year old niece do the same. She reminds us it is her birthday atleast four months in adavance. I find it cute that she has inherited this very annoying trait from me. I also find that people actually make an effort to indulge  in her.

This year, I was too busy sorting out my life. Too busy to remember to remind people. Too busy to be cute. I was busy growing up. I was too busy learning to be an adult.

So the birthday came. With no effort on my part to make my day special, I had the most incredible birthday in the longest time. I realized that there are people who celebrate my existence whether or not it is my birthday. I realized that I love the memories I am making for myself as time passes by and I don’t really need a specific day to do that.

May be age has really caught on. But I still love birthdays. This time I actually grew up a little.



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5 responses to “Growing a little each time.

  1. What’s important is that you feel loved and remembered whether it’s your birthday or not.

    Happy birthday to you!


  2. Jen

    lovely post.

    Wishing you a ‘happy birthday’… & a great year ahead filled with all those little things that go into making every day of your life special & meaningful.


  3. Abaniko, Jen:
    Thank you so much.


  4. nisha

    hey..wish u a very happy birthday.. belated though!! its nice to hear that u had a good one.. 🙂
    mine was on the 17th.. and it was a bad one this yr.. maybe its all abt growing up..! im hoping next would be better and I would have done something productive


  5. Nisha:
    oh no, nobody deserves a bad birthday. Was it because of your friend that missed it??? I really think it was in your hands to not ruin it for yourself. Think about it.


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