Weekend that went by.

I am not sure how many times I have been asked the same questions by the same people. I have given them the same response all those times and yet they repeat thier questions. Sometimes I wonder if people ask questions because they feel the need to ask or because they are actually interested. If they were really interested then how come they don’t keep track of my previous responses?

I think it is hard to understand, why a person complains when he has all that you wanted. One starts to believe that if he gets just that one more thing life will be perfect. Of course not, we as humans are never satisfied.

The female activist was back this weekend. Only this time I could not help but laugh.  It felt like a bad old torn tape repeating itself with no new tune to show for.

It takes as little as a place to get together and some food. The warm hugs, love, laughter and lovely memories tend to follow.

Learning should never stop.  Listening remians a huge component of that curve.



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3 responses to “Weekend that went by.

  1. hehe.. I remember reading a forward.. on stupid questions.. I think I should hunt for it.. 🙂


  2. Pallavi:
    Do share. Please.


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