Just me and I.

I have had this conversation before. With myself. This time the tone was different. I wasn’t finding excuses, I was finding my own faults. I have plenty. Some times I question my own beliefs. Some times I wonder if being passionate is the same as being foolish?

It is very easy for us to sit back and judge the decisions other people make. The life and struggles that they chose to fight for; may not be the choices we make. We do how ever have the choice to accept them for who they are. It may not always be easy, but that is a decision we have to make for ourselves.

What do we really care about? Life or death? We celebrate birthdays and we attend funerals. Most people would chose a funeral over a birthday party. I think even in death, we are really celebrating the living.

A surprise party attended.  A surprise party planned . Applications to sixty hospitals sent. Two cakes baked. Home cooked dinner on Friday evening. Road trip across three states, met family. Surprise party executed. Life and death discussed. Phone calls for networking purposes. Life changing decisions made.  I have survived, now looking for more.



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2 responses to “Just me and I.

  1. Well you are in the journey of life.. and its the journey that matters.. 🙂 we need to care that we are doing the journey, mindfully that is with full awareness and without judgement.. and sometimes just go along with the flow.. 🙂 at least thats what I think and try my best to do.. 🙂


  2. Pallavi:
    I agree about the journey. It is the going along with the flow that I am not able to do. I wish I could just let go for one moment


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